Miscarriage is My Platform For a Better Life

Human connection and community was something I completely overlooked in my 20's. I was hustling to climb the corporate ladder and solely focused on myself and what I could gain along the way.

Connections with others?
Hell no.
Reaching out to find similarities?
Not if I had any say in it.
Small talk?
What. Is. That.

Then Infertility slapped me and my husband across the face and we ventured into this completely unknown and scary world, not sure what to make of it and too naive to understand we could be faced with loss.

All our hard work had paid off and once I finally had a growing baby in my stomach, I relished in the fact that I would be just like every other normal pregnant lady soon enough.

I was shell-shocked when I stopped my fertility meds to support my growing baby and miscarried him the day after Christmas. To say my world was rocked was an understatement.

I had never felt more alone in my entire life.
I NEEDED support.
I needed ANYONE from ANYWHERE to tell me I was going to survive. That I was going to make it through this crushing depression and anxiety.

As I started reaching out and connecting with more and more like-minded women and men, I realized there is strength in community through kindness and empathy.

A year later, when we chose to stop battling Infertility and walk away child-free, I needed a whole different community. This time I needed to know we weren't the weirdos who weren't strong enough to keep going.

When I speak today, my mental health and happiness is top notch. I owe it equally to finding my own self-worth to care for my brain enough to make the necessary changes, and to the massive community around me who GET IT.

Without this sort of trauma, I would never have gained these necessary life skills to lift me up and let me fly alongside this amazing tribe of loss-warriors. I know I have a life worth celebrating and I want everyone to know it. Miscarriage changed me for the better. It shredded me apart so I could rebuild into this pillar of strength, honesty and compassion you see in social media and hear on the stage.

If you want my advice, I would tell you to reach out and start getting comfortable with sharing you story, in whatever manner fits your world. It can make you feel UNSTOPPABLE.

I want EVERYONE to feel this way.
I want EVERYONE to know it is so very possible to feel BETTER than you could have ever imagined after trauma.

You can thrive, honey.
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